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Plenary statement by Dag Endal, FORUT

22.04.2016 President. Distinguished delegates. I am speaking to you in the name of FORUT, an international development NGO based in Norway, but I know that our viewpoints are shared by very many NGOs across the world.


Norway has to stop the reduction to Sri Lanka

19.08.2015 The election result gives the government in Sri Lanka the mandate to continue the fight against corruption and for reconciliation and good governance.


It could have been much worse!

20.05.2015 The success of disaster preparedness in Nepal was the topic of a side event during the World Health Assembly in Geneva Wednesday.


Aid workers escaped in the nick of time

16.05.2015 Aid workers who were distributing relief supplies to the earthquake-affected population in the village Singati made a narrow escape when the second major earthquake struck on the 12th of May.

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Two million Norwegian kroner from MFA for emergency relief

02.05.2015 Friday evening the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called FORUT to confirm that the application was approved in full.


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